Professional Services

DYGS has been designing and fabricating leaded, stained glass panels since 1973 for all architectural spaces including, residences, churches and synagogues, businesses, and public buildings.

Restoration and Repair

DYGS has been doing art glass repairs since 1971, including everything from complete restoration to minor repairs.

Photo-etched Glass

DYGS helped pioneer this technique of acid etching and sandblasting photo imagery on glass. The glass panels created for the J. Erik Jonsson Public Library Children’s Center (1989) in Dallas was one of the earliest uses of photo etching in a public building. Any image that can be photographed can be permanently etched or sandblasted in various types of glass.

Carved Glass

DYGS began experimenting with carved glass in 1982. Carved glass refers to thick glass that has been sandblasted deep enough to create a 3-D appearance. Carved glass lettering is sometimes referred to as “embossing” for the raised appearance of the lettering. V-Cut lettering is an alternate type of carved glass where the letters have a “chiseled” appearance. DYGS also employs overlapping images and/or text using both sides of the glass or two separate panels for striking effects.

Art Glass Insurance Valuations for Churches

With nearly 40 years of hands-on experience in all types of art glass, DYGS offers art glass valuations for insurance and other purposes. Following a complete examination of the glass we issue a report that details replacement costs in the event of a catastrophic accident. Our examination includes a detailed condition report of the glass and recommendations for any needed repairs and maintenance. We can also investigate the history of the panels.


DYGS offers consultation services to architects and designers.

Professional Services: Art & Design

DYGS offers original artwork for art glass panels and also works with other artists and graphic designers to transform their designs in glass.